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    公司自创立以来与国内外众多贸易经销商、代理商、超市卖场、便利店、企事业单位等建立良好的客户关系,一直以来优质的产品和热情周到的服务赢得了众多客户的信赖和 一致好评。 “ag人”以高起点、精细化、电子商务信息化进入商用制冷业以来,已与多个国家出口贸易公司建立持续良好的战略合作伙伴关系,为“ag”品牌走向国际化奠定了殷实的基础。我们将一如既往努力打造“ag”牌产品品牌值得信赖为目标;ag人将努力为大众提供健康、舒适、和谐高质量生活环境做贡献。公司本着 “质量企业生存之根本,服务创造价值”“追求卓越,永不满足”的经营理念竭诚为广大用户提供优质产品和服务,竭诚为广大客户服务。 欢迎各界人士来人来电来函垂询光顾,洽谈。

■  经营原则  诚实经营.与社会同发展
■  经营意识  诚信、市场、质量、创新、成本、效率、危机、人才、服务、形象、贡献
■  产品研发Product Research
  创新是品牌原动力 Institute innovation is the motive force of the brand.

        The R&D force is an important standard to measure the capability of the enterprise in”get rid of the outdated products and bring forth the new products”.It is also the key point for the enterprise to be adapted to the fierce market competition.Sustained R&D is an important guarantee for the products of the enterprise to stand firmly on the market competition.

■  品质管理The quality control department
  挑三拣四 我们一贯的追求Being particular about our products has been our pursuit
  Quality is the core if an excellent brand is to be created.lmaging ourselves as consumers,we exert strict tests on each link ranging from raw materisls to finished products,in order to bring about 100% qualification throughout the entire process until products are finally delivered to users.

■  市场部The market department
  综合市场策略创造出众业绩Integrated market strategy certainly brings about outsanding achievements
    Constant perfection of channels and the realization of simple fast and highly efficient distribution network have brought more profit to distributors and more convenience to users in their purchase.We have been continuously augmenting our distribution team with advanced academic creditability and high cultural quality ,in addition to highly concentrated distribution guidance and training.As a result,there has been a constant elevation of our distribution force,along with the enhancement of our professionalism and customer satisfaction.

■  客户服务部The customer service department
  让您满意,是我们庄严的承诺Let your satisfaction is our solemn commitment!
  We adheres to its policy of quality first and customer first and will keep on innovating and improving its post-sales services.We strongly believe:honest business and high quality & efficiency post-sales service are the greatest profit supporting factor to the whole company




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